Digitization Services

Continuum works with publishers, libraries and government institutions assisting them in making their content available in hard copy documents, microfilm, and microfiches accessible for the world for education and research purposes. Our expertise to digitize and deliver content for any platform (print, web, or mobile) helps you meet accessibility & compliance requirements, keep your files secure and provide end-user access in multiple ways.






Data Conversion & OCR

Whether it may be scanned images or handwritten, typed and printed scripts, our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will help you transform your data into machine-encoded text that can be electronically searched. Our team regularly does OCR and indexing of aperture cards and large scale plans to OCR and index the required data fields. We have also done indexing of library cards.

Image enhancement

OCR in multiple languages

Data accuracy of up to 99.997%

Data Transcription

Continuum has the ability to transcribe old manuscripts, handwritten and typed documents. We have undertaken projects that involved transcribing handwritten documents from 18th and 19th century. We have also done transcription of birth and death records for government councils and as well as transcription and indexing of library cards. Hands-on experience on major projects such as –

Govt. records

Old manuscripts

Library cards

Remote Data-Capture And Verification

Remote verification allows users to scan documents into the system at the main location, and allow users at another location to log into an online system to perform data capture & verification.

By locating the verification staff overseas, you get access to trained scalable manpower resource that delivers for you day and night. Utilizing remote verification, the client is able to take advantage of a reduction in the total cost of data capture by an average of 30%-50%.

With fast and accurate data capture resulting in speedier and quality output and data accuracy of close to 100%, the model provides a scalable solution and can be integrated with leading document management systems.

XML Conversion

We convert from paper, PDF, word documents, typesetters, and any document format into XML, XHTML, and other structured formats. Our project teams work collaboratively with publishers, libraries, and professional media companies to help them to move efficiently from traditional environments to digital, file-based workflows, thus reducing their production and operational costs.

Continuum converts hardcopy, PDFs to fully searchable XML and also provides digital conversion from native formats. We offer cost-effective solutions for repurposing your content and maximizing its e-publishing potential.

Data Accuracy

Cost Reductions

Preserve Your Physical And Historic Documents

Our digitization services will assist you in converting documents into digital format for easy and efficient storage and instant access. Ready to discuss your next project and how Continuum might help?

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